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Apple allows retro console game emulators on App Store, but there’s a catch

Apple has loosened restrictions regarding emulators on App Store, making its ecosystem open to retro game emulators with the option to download files.

Apple has announced that the App Store is now open to retro game emulators. The tech giant recently updated its App Store’s app review and submission policies for developers, allowing developers to make emulators for retro console games along with the ability to download files.

The company says developers will have to comply with the applicable copyright laws, meaning the tech giant might ban apps that let users download pirated games. Moreover, the tech giant said that these retro console emulators will have to use in-app purchases to buy digital items. It looks like these changes are in response to the recent antitrust lawsuit filed by the United States against Apple, accusing the tech giant of operating a monopoly.

While Android users have been able to emulate retro titles on their devices for years, Apple had (until now) actively prevented retro game emulators from coming to the App Store. But the recent move by the Cupertino-based tech giant might encourage some developers to make the switch and open up a new revenue stream.

To give you a quick recap, earlier this year Apple changed its rules to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets (DMA), announcing that it would eventually allow streaming game stores worldwide. The company also updated the App Store rules at the time to bring support for in-app purchases for AI chatbots and some mini-games.

Apart from game emulators, the tech giant also seems to have changed some rules around super apps like WeChat, stating that mini-games inside such apps should now use HTML5 and that they cannot be treated as native apps or games.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk.

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